President Trump will soon be back, but first..

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Utvid visningen Emne: President Trump will soon be back, but first..

Re: President Trump will soon be back, but first..

Innlegg BmOnline » Ons Jun 30, 2021 9:02 am

Nå er President Donald J Trump tilbake, the Lion is back!!

This Video of President Trump Dancing.mp4 [ 11.55 MiB | Vist 21416 ganger ]


President Trump will soon be back, but first..

Innlegg BmOnline » Søn Mar 21, 2021 10:30 am

Kjellaug Solvang delte med meg:

Of course Trump said no to take the vaccine.
Why would he not?
He helped make sure it would get to market. TO OPEN UP THE USA. How do you undo 150 years of BRAINWASHING? You can't. Not if you are up against the Deep State and their entire BULLHORN Fake News media that has been saying for decades that vaccines are safe, effective, and the only way to STOP DISEASE.
Trump has said he would not mandate it, and he has said he prefers therapeutics. What happened when Trump said we could use HCQ for COVID? Well, besides its discussion being banned in social media, Democrat Governors banning it, and pharmacies banning it, the Deep State also created fake studies that "proved" it did not work.
What do common folk believe in? VACCINES.
How long would the USA remain locked down without a vaccine?

Movement he made just begins.png
It's something that must be done- before I am back in, I am the only President of USA.

We do not have years. Why is Biden "President?"
Among other things, to ensure Dem States will open back up - they would stay closed if Trump were still President.
This is FAR BIGGER than thousands dying from a vaccine or tens of thousands being injured by it (hey, maybe this will finally wake up the pro-vaxxers?).
Would you rather have multiple USA cities destroyed by nuclear bombs, which was the PLAN by the Deep State before Trump stepped in (with Patriots in our military) and put a stop to it.
I'm as anti-vaccine as they come, and I know exactly what Trump is doing, and I approve. This is about SAVING THE USA FROM CERTAIN DESTRUCTION. If you have ANYONE in your family or friends who wear a mask, or plan to get the vaccine, or believe the govt is here to save us, then TRY to change their mind. You will not be able to. Why? 150 years of brainwashing.
Trump must move with that brainwashing in order to save the USA, and the world, from enslavement. Pull it together. Figure out what's really going on. And why.
We are at WAR.
People die in war. Those who refuse to listen to us (anti-vaxxers), may indeed die. There are HUNDREDS of hit pieces on me alone - most everyone in the USA & Australia have heard of anti-vaxxers and they can decide at any moment to learn more.
I support President Trump. This is bigger than the COVID vaccine. This is about humanity's survival.