President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

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Utvid visningen Emne: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Dominion machines doesn't worked

Innlegg BmOnline » Ons Jan 06, 2021 7:09 pm

Some major problems with the Dominion machines during the voting Georgia 6. january 2021. (Only Republican locality.)

Michael Lena

Let’s recap the shenanigans going on in Georgia, shall we?
Early on in the day I saw an article that claimed 3 heavily Republican precincts (but it was really at least 7 different places when you read the article) were having Dominion voting machine trouble. Voters were unable to scan their ballots and were told that they would be put aside and counted later when the machines were up and running. Nobody believed that but what are you going to do? One of the downed machines was on the northwest side of Atlanta in the Republican part of town in Fulton County (outside Atlanta). NO Democrat counties seemed to be reporting Dominion problems except, conveniently, DeKalb.
Brendan Keefe
· 7h
From @GabrielSterling Fulton County has stopped for the night and the remaining absentee ballots will be counted starting at 8:00am. DeKalb is having a memory card issue which is delaying the count of ~19,000 votes. Most are coming from Democratic leaning areas.
(My guess is they were waiting to see how many votes they needed to come up with)
Red Pill Analytics
Replying to
Jan. 6, 2021, 2:09am ET Georgia U.S. Senate results Jon Ossoff 2,195,441 50.1% David Perdue 2,191,881 49.9% 99% of expected vote in **Apparently DeKalb & Fulton took a break, wrapped it up two hours later and did not need to come back at 8am.
(Did Ruby Freeman and her minions pull out some more ballots after everyone “took a break”?)
We all saw Trump lose 20,000 votes on live television in Pennsylvania that were magically added to Joe Biden’s count; all thanks to the wonders of having your Dominion machines connected to the internet. People were recording their news reports more this time and there are multiple videos out there showing David Perdue LOSING votes on live TV! So far the count is nearly 38,000 total votes! (enough to win)
When tallying votes (that meanings adding them UP as they come in) how does one LOSE votes?? Subtraction is NOT part of the election process! Has this become the “new normal”? “Yeah, I know you THOUGHT you saw those votes but, it wasn’t real. Here’s the reality you need to accept.” What kind of gas-lighting is THIS?!!
Not only did the MSM NOT mention that Republicans were unable to scan their ballots (that I heard)...I actually heard Fox news say, “...and there’s surprisingly low voter turnout/reporting in many of the northern Republican counties” And they just went on reporting like that was no big thing. No trying to understand WHY Republicans weren’t turning out...nothing. And about 10:30 I saw this on FB posted by a friend.....
“Right while the new ballot 'dump' from GA came in, about 5 minutes later when they were updating the count etc, ALL live stream news feeds went black.. so at about 10:15 CST the vote dump, then when they started adjusting the numbers- BAM-news blackout. Still out as of now, 10:45... smh.. I’m trying not to put my tin hat on, but ya gotta start to wonder.."
Has this become our new normal? Are we supposed to just yawn, roll over and say, “Whelp, that’s the way it is nowadays…what are ya gonna do?”
You can’t steal the Senate anymore than you can steal the Presidency! The stakes are too high and I do not want to live under the thumb of the CCP!!
President Trump- WHEN will these traitors and thieves be brought to justice?!
Yesterday works for me - but I’ll settle for TODAY!!!

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg Constitution » Ons Jan 06, 2021 9:53 am

No doubt, The people are in charge! No Freemasons!

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg Stolen Election us » Tir Jan 05, 2021 1:37 pm

Obama and CiA behind the stealing the Election 2020, where ALL Trumps votes disseaapearing during night. Read Dominio maxcines. Obama and Ramsey was mixing by lot of money. All the proof are taken good care of. ... vJ%2FDMn8P

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg President D J Trump » Ons Des 30, 2020 8:56 am

Here's the speak I made to tell the US people who cheated in the Election 2020-.

Trumps info valgjuks.jpg
President Donald Trumps info abaout Election Fraud in favour of Joe Biden.

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg Us papers » Tir Jun 02, 2020 4:22 am

Some news papers does not knew different from good to bad news.
Most newspapers are in the heck of the lefties, say dems.

Here's one exemple: The pandemic is for sure a HOAX, but do they care?

Making the catastrophe worse

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis of historic proportion and would be a tall task for any president to handle. Our current commander in chief, however, has not only failed to create colloquy to assure an anxious American people, but his erratic and outlandish statements are in fact making this medical and economic catastrophe worse.

During his daily briefings from the White House, the President has offered an enormous audience of concerned constituents contradictory statements regarding the virus and efforts to contain it, bizarrely questioned the motives of states desperately seeking medical masks and ventilators from Washington, attacked reporters for asking him tough questions in tough times and pathetically attempted inappropriate humor regarding his former sex life with models.

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg BmOnline » Tor Apr 23, 2020 9:39 am

Yes mr President, I am aware of all the crazy killers who where paid millions also from the norwegian corrupted goverment. (Clinton foundation)

But now, when the White House have leacked the truth about the Corona virus, as a big Hoax for open mike, "hot mike" we surely glad to say, what did I say? All the time I have announced it to be a big lie. So chop, chop mr President- we have much to talk over-.

Da er løgnen om Korona og COVID19 offisielt avslørt -D(1).mp4 [ 11.07 MiB | Vist 105370 ganger ]

Her kan du laste ned videoen fra Det White House, som lekket sannheten om Corona viruset. EN HOAX- en løgn og et BEDRAG!

Dette har jeg sagt til alle mine venner- som med vantro i blikket ikke kunne tro det. Men her er beviset.
Men dere tror det sikkert ikke før dere får NRK juks og banditt tv for ørene? :shock:


Not from Wyoming, but Norway


Used Wyoming only for contribute reasons 8)

Re: President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg BmOnline » Søn Apr 19, 2020 12:55 pm

President Trump wrote to me:


Nervous Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck have gone crazy!

They are blocking additional funding for the popular Paycheck Protection Program. They are KILLING American small businesses.

It’s no secret that Nancy and Chuck are weak. They are poor leaders and they’re the reason that America hates career politicians. They are totally incompetent and controlled by the Radical Left who only want to DESTROY America.

I won’t allow them to get away with their UN-AMERICAN actions any longer and neither should YOU, Bjoergulf. Earlier this week, we sent an email demanding they finally put America First and we received hundreds of thousands of signatures from Americans who condemned their childish games.

I made a Reply to President D J Trump Potus cal 45 :mrgreen:
Mr President, my good advice is to take em out of business, cause they do not pay the attention to what the people of US want- at all.
We have the same syndrome from the lefties here in Norway as well Mr. President! Take em out as well!

Thank You, Mr. President Donald J Trump! I Love it!!

Bjoergulf Mortensen "Robertson Wyoming"

President Donald Trump fight down the kgb- lefties!

Innlegg BmOnline » Tor Jun 13, 2019 9:10 pm

Norulv Øvrebotten
The Days of June in the West – The President's Life Among Political Enemies, Plotters and Betrayers at Home and Abroad

The US President Donald Trump knows he lives with Western betrayers masking as friends of America, that have been working hard continuously from the shadows for years to commit a coup against him on behalf of the Kremlin and the EU Commission in Brussels.

That's why the American President now hits back in the US 2020 election campaign, also in this smart and spectacular way:

"If somebody called from a country, Norway, [and said] ‘we have information on your opponent' – oh, I think I'd want to hear it,” says President Donald Trump in a TV interview.

President Barack Obama, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the anti-Trump bureaucracy of the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Department have got help continuously from foreign governments in the coup, and in particular, from those ones in Europe, in their shady mafia efforts to take out Donald Trump.

This intervention and the dirty game against Trump from formal Western allies of the US abroad started before the Presidential election in 2016 and has kept going on even more strongly after he was elected President of the USA.

The government of Norway, for instance, has been financing much of this criminal effort by use of the wealthy oil fund of the country, funneling vast sums of dollars into the slush fund of the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation.

Also, the Norwegian government has used its secret services in wet operations in the US, and that means in everyday language, in silent killings and assassinations, to stop and crush Donald Trump and clear the way into the White House for Hillary Clinton and make her the President of the USA.…/trump-hear-dirt-2020-opponents-fbi
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