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DU kan ikke stole på Regjeringen eller de andre

UNREAD_POSTSkrevet: Man Jul 19, 2021 12:05 pm
Du kan ikke stole på din Regjering eller bankene. De lyver så de tror det selv!

Your Global Update (1 of 2.)

(2 of 2 will be released Thursday 22nd July 2021.)

1. You cant trust your Government with your money because history of the World in the last 100 years

is that they Lie & Cheat with your Money.

2. You can't trust the CEOs i.e. Stock Market or any other Groups of Companies,

they do the same thing and that is the history of the Stock Market. 80% of all Companies go Bankrupt within the first two-three years,
the second wave within seven years, third wave within twelve years.

Thank you.

: Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge.
: Mark-kishon: Christopher.
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3. You can't trust the Banks because they are Thieves, robbers, who also Lie & Cheat. The biggest means of this Robbery is
Devaluation of your Sweat Equity i.e. of your life.

4. I have shot a Presentation for youse to watch.

Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge, Post-Master-General Mark-kishon: Christopher.