Kremlin's Loyal Puppets Behind Secret

Samtlige medlemmer av Europabevegelsen som har verv i kraft av å være folkevalgte, vil bli gjenstand for påtale, jfr å ha forbrutt statens selvstendighet jfr Norges selvstendighet, Grunnlovens § 1.
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Kremlin's Loyal Puppets Behind Secret

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Norulv Øvrebotten
Kremlin's Loyal Puppets Behind Secret Oaths, Skulls, and Bones in Terror Attacks all over the World.

As an analyst on the top level in the Western Intelligence Community, the secret Freemasons' role in the combination of terror attacks, manslaughter, and deceptions in the West remained a mystery for long.

After I broke the secret code of deceptions of the Kremlin and started mapping the consequences for a hundred years, the Freemason's complicity in terror and assassinations surfaced.

You'll find high-ranking Freemasons in critical roles of assassinations and false flag terror against their citizens all over the world to indirectly enhance themselves, the Stalin-imposed dual states and the masked Russian hegemony.

Notably, they have been infiltrated defense and security, and are to be found as leaders of the police and law enforcement, and the general protection of the people wherever you go.

The Russian Tsars had the best intelligence services in the world – the Okhrana.

Hence, when the Bolsheviks made a coup d'état in Russia in 1917, they inherited the highly skilled Okhrana security and intelligence services of Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanovs and gained control of the Freemasons and deep state conspiracy worldwide.

That's why the Freemasons of today are to be found as deceivers and mass killers from the deep in all significant terror attacks in the West whether you investigate terror in the US, France, Germany, the UK, Norway, or elsewhere.

The investigations based on the disclosure of the Communist game of the negative space show that the Freemasons belong to the deepest level of the binary states that Stalin founded and start building in the West in the 1920s and 1930s.

Deep state orchestrators and operatives are usually Freemasons. ... 7M_1Acjgfo
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