Et skruppelløst indirekte spill

Et skruppelløst indirekte spill

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Norulv Øvrebotten

Et skruppelløst indirekte spill

Mange er skeptiske til de offisielle historiene om terror fra Moskva.

Ekspert på Russland og redaktør i The Economist, Edward Lucas, skrev om den russiske flystyrten i Sinai for tre dager siden i The Daily Mail.

Edward Lucas tok i den forbindelse for seg en rekke terroranslag i Russland der det har vist seg at den offisielle historien ikke stemmer. Dette er kombinasjoner av terror og bedrag som jeg også har gjort grundig rede for, og hvor målet blir oppnådd indirekte.

"An attack on a theatre in Moscow in 2002 took 850 hostages and ended in a bloodbath. In 2004, more than 1,100 people were taken hostage at a school in Beslan, a town in the north Caucasus near Chechnya. The result was hundreds of deaths. Apartment block bombings in Moscow in 1999 killed nearly 300 people.

Yet many are sceptical of the Russian official versions of these horrific events.

They note that the Russian authorities spectacularly botched their response to the attacks, and failed to investigate them properly.

The Russian fugitive Alexander Litvinenko, for example — who was fatally poisoned in London — believed that it was the Russian authorities themselves who were responsible for the apartment-block bombings.

The panic which ensued, he argued, stoked the climate of fear in which Vladimir Putin, then a non-entity who had just been appointed prime minister, became the most popular politician in Russia and a shoo-in to replace the ailing president Boris Yeltsin. Mr Putin himself angrily dismisses such talk.

Yet much about the official account is troubling. There were, in fact, bombings in three cities, and within a week a further ‘bomb’ — in the provincial town of Ryazan — was discovered by sharp-eyed residents. Sure enough, just a day later Putin ordered the bombing of the Chechen capital, Grozny.

Yet when the police arrested the perpetrators in Ryazan, they turned out to be not terrorists, but officials of Russia’s feared FSB security service, the heir to the old Soviet KGB.

In that vein, those who see the Putin regime as the epitome of devilry might even wonder if this tragedy in Egypt is in some perverse way a stunt to justify Russia’s military ambitions in Syria.

It is chilling to consider the reaction to those who questioned who was really behind the 1999 bomb attacks.

Lawmakers and journalists who tried to investigate the Ryazan events were jailed and intimidated. Several died mysterious deaths — including Mr Litvinenko, killed by a rare radioactive substance in 2006."

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