Wet Operations In the Silent War

Wet Operations In the Silent War

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Norulv Øvrebotten

Wet Operations In the Silent War

John R. Schindler is an experienced US operator within counterintelligence (CI).

He writes good articles and thus opening up for the rare insight into the shady world of intelligence.

However, John R. Schindler's broad context for all writing is wrong.

Without the true and real context for events, you'll always miss the mark and not be understanding of what happens.

The key to Joseph Stalin's success (and that of Vladimir Putin's) is his modus operandi which was way beyond the mindset of normal people's thinking. And most of the unnormal ones too.

By thinking and acting outside the box, you might establish and thereafter bolster a secret empire with tentacles all over the world.

I have been living with what Schindler calls "wetwork" for all my adult life.

Sometimes, I have got a bucket of water in my bed just as a reminder of my company in life.

Hence, many assassinations are no mystery to me. Nor this one in London.

John Schindler hasn't yet realized that the US is a dual vassal state under Russia's hegemony. Not least built on assassinations from the shadows.

That's beyond any wet nightmare for most Americans.

Even that's the truth.

Killing people is a daily affair to the KGB. It's bread and butter. Anywhere.

Poison and injections by night make the killings appear natural, but sometimes a mafia has to demonstrate for many other people what they are up to if they become traitors.

Then an assassination might be spectacular and the death slowly and extremely painful.
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