The Masked Terror-Network Of Europe

The Masked Terror-Network Of Europe

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Norulv Øvrebotten

The Masked Terror-Network Of Europe

Stay Behind in Europe is a ultra-secret Russian-ruled terrorist network disguised as a secret defense against Russian occupation. Also, it's known as Gladio - the Sword.

You'll find it in many countries with Russian-originated dual states. Stay Behind has conducted lots of terror attacks since the 50's of which all have been false flag operations.

Stay Behind is built on the soviet communist concept of the Trust that was a Kremlin success in the 20's and 30's when Stalin captured and killed opponents both at home and abroad by establishing false resistance groups against himself.

Everything that is told in the media about Stay Behind has been presented in a Western context. However, the underlying and real context is Russian. Stay Behind is a smart contradiction as well. By structure.

Stay Behind is the paramilitary group behind the terror attacks in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, and France. To enhance the masked Russian hegemony and the dual states in these countries through fooling the populations to increase their support of the Kremlin disguised system of state affairs. By the use of false flags.

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