Freemasons are Terrorists in the West

Freemasons are Terrorists in the West

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Norulv Øvrebotten
Freemasons are Terrorists in the West

In false flag terror in Norway, you might spot Freemasons in crucial roles in conducting the attacks, and all the deception that is being spun on the dead bodies.

The chief of the Freemasons in Norway followed both the terror attacks in 2011 close up.

He died some weeks ago, and now, a new political pervert is chosen to become the new chief of the Norwegian masked gang of criminals among bones and skulls, fooling their people continuously from commando heights everywhere in the state and the society.

The Freemasons are a vital part of the Russian-controlled Stay Behind mafia networks, also known as Gladio, the Sword, in some countries, and this secret network has been conducting false flag terror attacks since the 1950s in Europe mainly, but over the last decades, the Gladio has become increasingly more active in America as well. ... -1.7675239
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