Terrorists and Traitors in Norway Watch Their Own Demise

Den norske stat har brutt sin kontrakt med individet -å skulle sikre, forsvare og ivareta ens interesser.
Grunnlovens §§ 110.
Det paaligger Statens Myndigheder at lægge Forholdene til Rette for at ethvert arbeidsdygtigt Menneske kan skaffe sig Udkomme ved sit Arbeide.

Norges Grunnlov er vårt forsikringsbevis!

Terrorists and Traitors in Norway Watch Their Own Demise

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Norulv Øvrebotten

Terrorists and Traitors in Norway Watch Their Own Demise

The Norwegian government is helplessly observing that the US is filling up Norway with troops, aircraft and naval vessel under the disguise of a NATO maneuver for the time being.

The massive movement of troops into South of Norway as well means the demise of the Russian-controlled Mafia State of Norway.

The fall of this Russian domino in the North in the months ahead will undoubtedly lead to a chain effect elsewhere in Europe and the West, and all the masked puppet regimes of the Kremlin are going to come tumbling down.

Hence, the liberation of the people in the West will be achieved.

The Norwegian government has been running a series of deception operations, brutal terror attacks and individual assassinations against its people since 2011 to enhance a Stalin-imposed dual state under secret Russian hegemony.

Norway is of vital national interest of the US since most of the Russian nuclear weapons aimed at the heartland of the American continent are to be found at the Kola peninsula across the Norwegian border in the High North.

Such huge operations are highly compartmentalized.

As I am working at the highest level of the Western Intelligence Community and was the analyst that disclosed the Kremlin masked hegemony in the West after breaking the secret KGB-code of deceptions, I can read what's going on, and nobody is stopping me in telling the truth to the world.

The great Western betrayal and hence all the bloody terror against the people in the old Communist way is about to come to an end.

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