USSR peace prize?

Fredsprisen er en stor vits, der er ingen som har ord på seg å skal ha skapt fred, snarere krig.
Tenk, de klarer ikke å knø ihop et uhildet panel til å foreta en vurdering- som skulle tilsi at politiske psykopater SKAL være utelukket å sitte i Nobel-komiteen. Det vi har sett i alle år så langt, jo komplett idioti!

Spark ut disse pkerne i dag!!

USSR peace prize?

UNREAD_POST Damoi » Tor Des 13, 2012 10:08 am

How nice that we can observe that Nazis scratch each other back. Look backward, to see how they do everything in the opposite way of promises all the years. Can we trust them? No, do not believe in they’re lies. The cold war is not over, now it’s beginning. Europe is lying down in horror, what will happen tomorrow? You cannot steal people’s freedom; by taking away they’re homes and love ones. The global hell is around the corner. Just wait and see, you will not be able to speak out about truth, the lies will role all over; nobody can trust the global hell. It’s Satan that wants to kill as many as possible. Do not borrow your ears to them, by listening to the sound of darkness.

By giving the noble peace prize to another rebel, we are soon at the end. Eu is the real rebel. They are good at disguise.


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