The US and the West out of Russia

US marines act like nazis, killing people because best friends?
Do we accept this kind of behavior in our stoves? Almost all americans have one iron in they jacet, who cares? What kind of madness is this?

Do they really copy the muslim selfbombers in some way?
Amerikanerne lever av kuler og krutt.

The US and the West out of Russia

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Norulv Øvrebotten

The US and the West out of Russia

All major terror attacks in the West since the 1990s have had the real aim to enhance the Stalin-imposed dual states and masked Russian hegemonies that the Kremlin founded already in the 1920s and 1930s.

By doubling the states from the shadows, Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks, in reality, stole the states from the people around the world.

The mafia lawyers of the Kremlin in the West who make the script for such false flag operations like 9/11, which is most known, are all following the same Communist recipe of deceptions.

The aim is achieved indirectly.

That's a hallmark of this sophisticated Communist game of the negative space that turns everything upside down.

In consequence, you are being fooled to believe lies continuously.

As a rule of thumb, the truth is opposite of what the Kremlin mafia lawyers and their killers are conning you to perceive and believe.

Everything is false, and by fooling people to act on the numerous false foundations, the actions of all the conned and after a while brainwashed people, create the reality.

The deception process has a snowball effect. ... 07312/?t=9
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