Great Reset Tyranny In Canada

US marines act like nazis, killing people because best friends?
Do we accept this kind of behavior in our stoves? Almost all americans have one iron in they jacet, who cares? What kind of madness is this?

Do they really copy the muslim selfbombers in some way?
Amerikanerne lever av kuler og krutt.

Great Reset Tyranny In Canada

UNREAD_POST Scott Stiglitz » Ons Aug 10, 2022 8:25 pm

Theo Fleury on Tucker Carlson Exposes Great Reset Tyranny In Canada ... anada.html
Scott Stiglitz

Re: Great Reset Tyranny In Canada

UNREAD_POST Cov19 Hoax » Søn Mai 07, 2023 1:18 am

Covid-19 is the biggest hoax in Canadian history and those who are behind the Covid-19 hoax are guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.
Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and most Mainstream Media outlets have lost all credibility. Canada will require Nuremberg 2.0
trials to bring those who have committed crimes against Canadians to justice.

#1 For people in my age group, Covid-19 has a 99.97% survival rate. This does not suggest a “pandemic” in any sense. I have friends who “tested
positive” with the only symptom being a runny nose. Why did we shut down our society over this? I have asked Bonnie Henry, Teresa Tam,
doctors, nurses, lawyers, health care workers, mayors, councillors, business owners, to explain to me HOW a disease with a 99.97% survival rate
would be considered a “pandemic”. To this day, not 1 person in all of Canada can answer that question. Covid-19 is a radical left hoax based on
fraud and media hysteria.

#2 As of May 2022, there are roughly 40,000 covid-19 deaths in all of Canada, a population of nearly 38 million. We know each year tobacco kills
45,000 Canadians, so how in the world would covid-19 ever be considered a “pandemic?” The majority (two thirds) of covid-19 deaths come from
people aged 80+.

#3 Covid-19 is based on fraudulent science and fraudulent PCR tests. It is illegal in Canada to force anyone to take a genetic test, and it is illegal in
Canada to discriminate against someone based on the results of that test. In this sense, nearly all medical workers in Canada are guilty of crimes
against Canadians. There was no need to ever take m-RNA injections when it was proven that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and ivermectin were
reducing hospitalizations and deaths by up to 68%.

So government and media was actively hiding known cures for covid-19, (calling it
“disinformation”) while promoting experimental gene therapy through forced m-RNA injections? This is the biggest crime in our nation’s history.

#4 In 2020, I sent numerous letters and communications to “health experts” including Teresa Tam and Bonnie Henry, and while both parties
responded to my letters, neither could provide any evidence of a pandemic or health emergency in Canada. If “the experts” cannot show the study
that was done to force masks on citizens, (no study was ever done before mask policy was implemented) then what “science” are “the experts”
following? This is outright fraud. I sent an FOI request to the province of BC asking to see all communications from the province regarding there
plan to combat “Delta Variant”. I received only 30 pages of information, and most of it was Bonnie Henry asking if they should shut down buffets
in the province. This is an absolute joke and disgrace to the citizens of BC. Bonnie Henry is a fraud and should be held accountable for treason and
crimes against humanity. She has caused unimaginable pain and suffering in our province.

#5 I was segregated from society for many months. I am still being segregated by not being allowed on an air plane. I was not allowed into public
areas or businesses; this is the worst discrimination in Canadian history. There is no data or evidence to prove that those who refused m-RNA
injections are more of a health hazard than those who took m-RNA injections. I had to write to the National News Media council to get them to
force my local newspaper to stop publishing letters to the editor which were cheering for the death of “unvaccinated” Canadians. When the fake
pandemic was announced, we were “all in this together,” and then after several months of military grade propaganda, suddenly we had Canadians
cheering for the death of other Canadians? This entire covid-19 narrative is absurd and immoral.

#6 The WEF recently published a video where one of the speakers was openly talking about reducing the worlds population by 50% by 2023. This
is a goal of the WEF? Is this not an admission of pre meditated murder and genocide? Who in Canada is acting on behalf of the WEF and are they
not an accomplice to pre meditated murder, treason, and crimes against humanity?

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Cov19 Hoax

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