FJ 1200 WoW!!

The best touring MC world wide so far.

FJ 1200

FJ 1200 WoW!!

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If you are among them who desides to buy a second hand bike- Fj is surely not- a bad choice.

Super strong power by any load, no problem to stay steady uphill. When you then serve the best of oil so far, QMI PTFE, the best for the money and your FJ 1200. You lub your sprocket and chain with Royal Purple, you do no harm to the chain- o-rings. Clean the chain by diesel, dry off with a cloth. Twice. Then add the Royal Purple to the chain. :D Enjoy thousands of miles! :mrgreen:
I use this oil to all my cars. Very good. I used a similar (Slick 50) lube in the good old days, 1973-75 at my Ford 12 M super duper. The engine was not 12 M, but a flying one. Just amazing by this lube. I had to adjust down the idle, :wink: Also to the transmission.

Here you see the very nice car installed all kind of Radio receivers by autorecording on 7 channels.

A lovely pice of a cake..

Parked at Mellombølgen 34 1973 Lambertseter.

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Ready Eddie?

Touring MC

How you make it like a pro? QMI Ptfe oil is used on the engine.
Automatic lub for the chain.
Now, this is bmonline patented automatic luberication for the chain: :idea:

It is very easy to make it. You find it in a hardware dealer for electrick handsaws. Or you find one old damaged one. Most electrick saws is broken because of engine failure (burned out). They have a tiny nice pump for lub for the saw chain. This you can mont easely by lengten the oil feed tube. You can easily reuse the oil-bottle, it`s also tiny and may fit wherever you choose. Its also a big cap to refill when neccy. The pump itself normally work on an excentrick rotating wheel , whereby moving the pump piston in and out by the excentric rotation wheel on a electric dc- servo-engine. Then I can make it in auto to luber very much or just a little, by a switch. The bottle of oil is abt 5 dl. Its very simple and a good solution for auto luber your chain. The plast tube you put down on the same side as the sprocket.
And you mont it under the fork near the big sprocket rear wheel. In such way the oil drop just down on the chain :) :wink:

A second way to make it- is to drive the pump by a small serve engine used in model planes. Server engine only use 5 volt and are very strong and capable of tackle hard conditions, stress and vibrations very good- as well. The serve arm is just round, so here I maked it ex-center, by cutting half side away, henche to drive the pump-piston. When pump axle lies on the edge of the server wheel as excentrick it will do the little move to let the pump to bring the oil to the chain via a plastic tube.
This metod I used on my Fj. I will put in some pics for you to see. I monted a switch and a bulb on left dash side of the choke. It was easy to make. I powered it up from the head fuse.
It takes 8 hours to emty 5dl. But I never use it continually- only at low speed and for 5 minutes a time.

The power to the serve engine I regulated down by a 12-5 volt regulator, as I monted on the frame I made for the project. It is monted on the left side, of cause there the chain is. I used an emty QMI oil can, and cutted off the top of the can, and used it as housing, to cover the servo and oil pump against dust and dirt. You can`t actually see the fixed box at the side, and its "hide" cause of the Krauser luggage box :P and Nearly the same color, dark blue. 8) The frame I used is stainless steel, secured to the luggage frame also, I will put out some picks, to see it. If you click on the pics, you enlarge them 3 times.

The refill cap is located between the main frame and Krauser box. :idea:

If you have any questions, just post them here- you do not need to be logged in to write. You will have to answer the question before enter your posting by clicking ok button. The answer you must write in is bmonline forum. I made it to avoid sex "paranoya robot posters". If you get one message who telling you cant post it, just click ok once again- to post suscessfully.

From this top down pic, you can see the oil refiller cap and the oil pump to the left. (blue box) The powersypplying cable (white). Its a very little current to drive this engine. I dismonted the electronic circuit and powered the engine direct from a 5 volt regulator inside the pump frame I made from stainless steel. So I dressed it up by a blue plastic oil box from QMI. Very good engine oil, too :) You can see the blue box to the left, between the Krauser and bike frame.

BmOnline patented.

Heres a pic a bit away, so you can see more of the luggage frame as well. All nuts used on the Fj1200 is self-locking, nylon or steel and of cause stainless steel.

This pic shows view from front, you can see the stainless oil pump frame is secured to the luggage frame. Pump itelf is covered by an empty Qmi box ;) Just put it down over the pump. Easy to take off- and clean.

[Filtypen jpeg har blitt deaktivert, og kan derfor ikke lenger vises.]

Here you can see the frame and servo engine 5 volt working fixed in Stainess steel frame and you can see the pump piston head as well. The frame is from an old Vertcal-Horizontal LNBs from 1980s where we by this cud change between vertical or horizontal signals in the recceiver for ASTRA and other satelites. You just put a new cable direct to the servo engine at 5 volts. I have explained how to do it here.

Here you see the trick, both the plastick can I use to support the tank during service of the fuel tank. Putting underneath tank month frame, lift up put the plast can under and you can by ease take off vacuum and fuel hose-. Very steady and simple. In front the tank is supported in the rubber-base. When you take the fuel hose off, just a little fuel runs out- in one emty can- by hand. ;) Vacumm controlled on/off Fuel control-.

Waiting for the spring

[Filtypen jpeg har blitt deaktivert, og kan derfor ikke lenger vises.]

Close up from servo and pump. Now you see the servo-wheel and the pump piston head. The 12/5 volt reg is to the top right. The red, blue and black wire.

There are one thing to remember when using oil to the chain. Of cause you have to clean the wheel after a week of riding. It is not so complicated, because the bike need to be cleaned often. And by todays high-pressure cleaners, it is a p of cake to take the rear wheel too "tyre". Several of desperados claims that the rear tyre will slide in curves, but hey, we aren`t on Silverstone are we? No, enjoy the long old lasting ride! You may not find a young lasting rider..only old safe riders :) You will for sure find me in the old lasting group :wink: Thanks for reading loud and clear, 73 all best!
Here you can see the luber box covered by an empty oil can.
Here you can see the luberbox on the same side as the chain. (Dark blue plastic) Fastened to the luggage frame.
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Re: No other bike can challange FJ 1200

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One nice trip at E6 one sunny day:

Ferry stop at E6 in Nordland Fylke- crossing Tysfjord from Skarberget to Bognes, 25 min to crossower. And Melshorn and Virak ferries is arriving in summertime. Its lots of traffic in june, july and august and the ferries is full loaded in daytime.
From south to north at E6 you can take ferry from the morning to two o Clock at night. Price for a car 5 m- is near 160 kr one way.

Ferry-stop by Skarberget over to Bognes. In Summertime every 1/2 hour you can cross. In winter season its every 1 and half hour to cross.

Fj rally.jpg
Agility and Dog Rally in Beisfjorden

Her kommer Bjørg T med Tiril- i farta.. ut av tunellen- se kor ho følge me..

Her er Ida med Ylva- i fint driv inn i tunellen i Beisfjorden :)

To av døtrene på hunderally.

Ida småmusser på konkurrentene :)

Her koser Ida m en konkurrent :)

Nabo hunden får kipp og stell, Perikyr :)

Bursdagsfeiring på Bjørgs dag.

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