Greetings to the Scandinavian people

Grunnloven i Norge er endret av kuppmakerne.
Riksrettssak er rett medisin til dem.
Stortinget hevder at vi har et demokrati i dette landet. Men sannheten er at vi har et parti-diktatur.
Idet samtlige folkevalgte har deltatt i en forbrytelse så rammes de av Straffelovens §§ 83 og 330. Ingen vei utenom RIKSRETT!

Greetings to the Scandinavian people

UNREAD_POST Maria Isabel Moddy » Tir Jul 20, 2021 7:29 am

Greetings to The Scandinavian People :!:
Since this is military operations, we may naturally never be certain about the dates we have been given.
This bodes well.
I wish You All The Best :idea:
God bless You :wink:
24th May 2021 :
Not my content, but interesting nonetheless........ :wink:
D R A M A T I C!

The character of The Black Swan,
The Revelation of the Reconciliation of the Deep State,
Hillary Arrests were carried out on Tuesday, May 18,

A l l o v e r T h e W o r l d.

Today, President Trump issued an order for a 60-day extension of his military service in America.
President Trump prepares final plan!

H u g e P l a n !

White hats / Alliances destroy over 34 globalist or satanic buildings
A r o u n d T h e W o r l d.
Special naval divisions of the US are preparing for the upcoming World of Black Swan.

The bubble starts with Money.
The appearance of the Black Swan signifies an unexpectedly catastrophic financial event.
By the way, Harris, members of Congress will be reluctant to surrender.

This is a military operation.

A l l G o v e r n m e n t s I n T h e W o r l d W i l l B e O v e r w h e l m e d b y T h e M i l i t a r y.

Cyber ​​attack and staging of Adrenal War.

E B S- Emergency Broadcast System.
N e w N e w s, Q u a n t u m I n t e r n e t.

Military tribunals will be interrogated for 10 days in three sessions of 8 hours a day.
There are 10,000 hours of video similar only to the actions of the Epstein crusader, which cover child sex trafficking and human trafficking.

Since the inception of the Q u a n t u m F i n a n c i a l S y s t e m,
4,000 bankers have been arrested so far, and attempts have been made to withdraw money from the Quantum system. With the new system this is i m p o s s i b l e.
:arrow: T h e e n d o f c o r r u p t i o n !

:arrow: G E S A R A / N E S A R A is coming to T h e F i n a l !
:arrow: C o n s t i t u t i o n a l R e p u b l i c !
:arrow: N e w C o u n t r y!
:arrow: Thank You God

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Maria Isabel Moddy

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