US pandemi, no comment!

US marines act like nazis, killing people because best friends?
Do we accept this kind of behavior in our stoves? Almost all americans have one iron in they jacet, who cares? What kind of madness is this?

Do they really copy the muslim selfbombers in some way?
Amerikanerne lever av kuler og krutt.

US pandemi, no comment!

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You Think China Has a COVID-19 Censorship Problem? We Aren’t Much Better

by Kathryn Foxhall/Article in MedPage Today

Kathryn Foxhall is a writer on health and health policy in the Washington area. She has written on public health, substance abuse, health policy, mental health, pediatrics, FDA, pharmacy and other areas.

The media’s coverage about China’s secrecy with the COVID-19 virus and about the Trump administration’s tightening of U.S. press controls is extremely frightening for more than the obvious reasons. That’s both because the U.S. has had harsh, pervasive controls on the press for years and because the editorials and articles illustrate our absolute determination not to recognize them.

Journalists are officially prohibited from communicating with anyone in the CDC and other federal agencies without the oversight of censors — much to our discredit, we go along with their official title of “public information officer” or PIO. Reporters also usually can’t walk into their buildings, and there are often no systems for obtaining any sort of press credential.

Usually, the prohibitions are followed: agency staff people don’t talk without the censors because they are under harsh prohibitions not to do so. Beyond that, often reporters are not allowed to communicate with the person they request or to anyone at all, in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal agencies, even after they go through all the permission-seeking. If any contact is allowed, the PIO may listen in to the conversation and may direct what can be discussed.

These restrictions have surged in the U.S. over the last 25-30 years to the point that they are a cultural norm. Surveys by the Society of Professional Journalists show they are pervasive in federal, state, and local governments; scientific organizations; educational institutions; and police departments. Business and other private organizations are often just as restrictive.

Too Busy, Too Shy, Too Afraid

The many thousands of people in HHS, including those with the best knowledge of the current crisis, are effectively silenced, even after unenlightened news articles are published. There are many things hidden because journalists can’t talk to people without reporting to the authorities. Those unmentioned things might be about budget constraints or political pressures. They may well be something you and I can’t imagine.

HHS agencies tell reporters the staff people they seek are too busy, or they are not used to talking to the press, or they don’t want to talk to the press, or they are afraid their views will be misrepresented.

One federal PIO talked about potentially blocking a reporter’s interview because the requested expert might say something to defend his program against cuts. Other PIOs talk about allowing scientists to only discuss science and policy experts to only discuss policy. Under such restrictions, for journalists to just believe the official story, or believe whatever we can get from whoever will talk, is incredibly reckless, similar to the situation news outlets castigate China for.

During the early AIDS years, I was reporting for public health professionals. It was before the imposition of this “Censorship by PIO.” I found out, by talking to staff people normally and without oversight, that the official story was so controlled it was life-threatening — and there were millions of lives at stake. Journalists having conversations without the knowledge of the authorities — routinely — is critical for ethical journalism.

Consequences of Going Along

The press puts many lives at risk by acquiescing to the constraints. The FDA’s apparent lack of competence on drug manufacturing safety (“Bottle of Lies” is on 2019 best book lists, but it took 10 years to write) and the opioid epidemic are examples in which an agency controlled press access while behind the scenes, the situations quietly turned disastrous. FDA specifically defended its restraints on the press as legal in 2013, as the opioid epidemic was gathering steam. When CDC was found to be mishandling pathogens, the investigating commission said the staff was scared to tell their supervisors. Of course, talking to the press was forbidden.

After a Washington Post story last fall on farm suicides, the reporter said she always has to go through PIOs for the Department of Agriculture, and she suspected any attempt to write about one of their programs would be heavily scrutinized. If “minders” are listening in, what staff person will tell a reporter about problems at the agency? Even worse, for a 2018 story on off-label use of medications, a Washington Post reporter said FDA never allowed them to speak to anyone in the agency, despite repeated requests.

The reasons the press doesn’t tell its audiences about these restraints are complex. However, they start with the long-entrenched work ethic that says the press will always encounter people trying to stop newsgathering, but good reporters get the story anyway. A closer look at that sausage-making process shows actually reporters are successfully fended off from many stories while we get some stories anyway. Those published stories may be accurate, impressive, and ahead of our brethren, but they also can easily be injurious to the public welfare because of all the people the reporter could not talk to.

I also suspect we, the press, don’t object because we need to make a living with the stories the agencies and other entities can give us when they see fit.

Hope and Resistance

Meanwhile, last October, the House Science, Space and Technology Committee voted to kill a proposal to allow an exception for free speech so tiny it actually would have further normalized our massive systems of forced permission to speak. It would have allowed federal scientists the right to speak to reporters without prior permission. Mind you, that was only for federal scientists and only about their research. And they still could be forced to report conversations afterward. But even that was too much.

There is some organized resistance. In one of the latest actions by journalism coalitions, 29 organizations wrote to all members of Congress saying these blockages regularly keep information from the public, agency leadership, and Congress.

Also, a ray of hope appeared last fall when a First Amendment attorney published a 70-page analysis of dozens of Supreme Court and other legal cases and concluded the constraints are simply unconstitutional. The review by Frank LoMonte of the Brechner Center for Public Information said the restraints are unenforceable and “yet still proliferate and still exert a powerful influence on the way employees behave.”
Carol Duff, MSN, BA, RN ... ensorship/
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Re: US pandemi, no comment!

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PLANDEMIC! A Painstakingly Planned Pandemic and Staged Panic—Who & Why?

CIA’s Mockingbird Media
Overwhelms Global News Cycle
with Non-stop Coronavirus Fake News

“You can’t believe a single thing they say
about the coronavirus—NOTHING! That
doesn’t mean there’s not a new and deadly
bioweapon out there, because there is.”
— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation
Let’s be very real about this totally staged plandemic and media-hyped panic: We don’t know what we don’t know.

Whatever the mainstream media (MSM) reports about the coronavirus is highly suspect.

Since the entire corporate media is completely owned and operated by the C.I.A., not a single news report can be trusted. That’s why the entire MSM is now well-known as the CIA-directed Mockingbird Media.

Since December of 2019, every major MSM organ of propaganda has been an echo chamber for coronavirus disinfo, misinfo and false info. That’s because, at the very core of it, we are all witnessing a HUGE intelligence operation, and especially a global psychological operation (also known as a psyop). “Intelligence” in this swiftly expanding context includes all information regarding COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic.

Hence, it’s virtually impossible to know what is true and what is not about the coronavirus and the emerging pandemic.
Do you get it yet?

How are we to know if the MSM publishes even one fact about this wholly manufactured pandemic?
That’s right! We can’t know…for sure, can we?

Anyone who questions this premise, just think back to the MSM reporting on 9/11. Then go read the 9/11 Commission Report. Not only were the all the government’s findings patently false, they have been repeatedly disproved by hard scientific evidence which was verified by numerous qualified and credentialed experts. Then there are irrefutable exposés on 9/11 like this one: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”.

What’s the critical point?

Everything now points to a great likelihood that the entire planetary civilization is being subjected to an unparalleled global psyop of truly epic proportions—OPERATION CORONA PLANDEMIC.


There are several key issues surrounding this transparently orchestrated and meticulously bioengineered pandemic.

Each of them must be properly understood in order to comprehend the sheer depth and breadth of this complex international criminal conspiracy.

First and foremost, wherever the MSM reports that a coronavirus outbreak occurs, we really don’t know if it did.

Any announced outbreak could be the result of flipping the switch on 5G in that local area. It could be a regular flu bug that’s being purposefully misdiagnosed as the coronavirus. It could be another illness altogether that’s being labelled “coronavirus”. It could be a specially formulated chemtrail aerosol that’s being tested on the residents below. It could also be a combination of all 3 or 4 of these. And, yet, it could also be an extremely dangerous and deadly bioweapon tagged COVID-19 which was bioengineered in a U.S. military biowarfare laboratory such as the US Army Medical Bioengineering Research and Development Laboratory at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland.

In certain highly controlled contexts, the most dramatized media events can easily be staged using crisis actors as the coronavirus victims. The obvious Sandy Hook Elementary School schooling HOAX showed us just how deceptive some bad characters can be. Then there is this transparent Chinese crisis actor who must be getting well paid by the C.I.A. See: CRAZY CORONA MELODRAMA (Video)

Secondly, what’s the standardized diagnostic test that they are using today to conclusively determine the existence a COVID-19 infection? By the way, how did every healthcare facility in the world miraculously acquire a highly advanced and novel diagnostic test we know nothing about? Really, how just accurate is the supposed coronavirus diagnostic test?! And who created it?!

Which medical authorities and scientific research institutions were involved in the formulation of the now common COVID-19 lab test diagnostic protocol? Does it produce either false positives or false negatives? Who, exactly, is administering the diagnostic protocol in each hospital or clinic that has produced a spate of infections?

We really don’t know the answers to any of these important questions, do we?!

For all we know, the medical authorities could be artificially inducing the WHO-established ‘coronavirus symptoms’ in any patient under the care of a physician or within a hospital setting. Likewise, those captive patients could be surreptitiously injected with any virus, especially a coronavirus, as a constituent of their now mandated flu vaccines.

KEY POINT: Just like the Global Warming scam, there’s a growing chorus out there demanding to see the hard data and scientific evidence of how COVID-19 is being conclusively determined for all infected patients. There are even those medical investigators and health journalists who are justifiably asking: Does the specific coronavirus known as COVID-19 even exist?

The vectors of dissemination of a contagious coronavirus are many and diverse and, therefore, quite difficult for even the best pandemic investigator or epidemiologist to trace back to its source, if there even was just one source of the original infection! See: Everything points to multiple bioterrorist attacks being conducted around the globe

Thirdly, there has been an accelerating pattern of VIPs all of a sudden getting diagnosed with the coronavirus.

As if to confer legitimacy on this “staged hoax blended with reality”, famous actors and professional athletes, powerful politicians and popular musicians are self-quarantining themselves after declaring they were exposed or tested positive for corona.
Do you see how they do it?

The captivating drama around each of these staged media events further convinces the unaware masses that this is all real, when much of it may not be.

That’s how much the perpetrators rely on and routinely use the Celebrity Society to assist with carrying out their psychological operations, particularly a massive global psyop like OPERATION CORONA PLANDEMIC.

Then there is the undeniable celebrity psyop involving Kobe Bryant that came out of nowhere one week after the Wuhan outbreak commenced in January.

The following excerpt from a previous SOTN article provides insight into the Kobe Bryant-China connection:

There is also some talk about Kobe’s philanthropy where it relates to China, especially given the current economic context and political climate between the United States and China.

Bryant also started the Kobe Bryant China Fund which partnered with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a charity backed by the Chinese government.[452] The Kobe Bryant China Fund raises money within China earmarked for education and health programs.[452][1]

In light of the overwhelming Wuhan coronavirus outbreak and unparalleled Chinese epidemic, it looks like Kobe was assassinated because of his knowledge of some aspect of this U.S. bioterrorist operation against China. Whether Kobe was a potential whistleblower; or the US government was not happy with his philanthropic work in China at this delicate time; or he was identified by Beijing as a Christian missionary working undercover [UNWILLINGLY] for the C.I.A. will likely never be known. Given his strong Catholic faith, it may just be that Kobe was planning on building a new bridge to China while many others (especially in the Trump administration) were still not content after burning down every trans-Pacific bridge in sight.
Back to the coronavirus back ops and psyop

While each of the preceding 3 points may appear to imply a non-existent COVID-19 scenario, such a ruse would be impossible to carry out successfully in a global theater of biowarfare.

All the evidence points to a bioengineered coronavirus being stealthily launched as a purposeful bioweapon around the globe against the enemies (China & Iran) of the real perpetrators (Western powers). In this way, many powerful and influential people in those nations can be intentionally killed under the cover of a coronavirus death. It’s quite likely that this is exactly what has been happening in Iran .

Iran has also been quite inexplicably hit as hard as any other country by the coronavirus—WHY? The mortality rates have been especially high. Clearly, there’s something very wrong with that picture as follows:

“Iran has been the center of one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks. The country has over 10,000 confirmed cases, with over 6,500 new cases in the past week.”[2]

But the much more demanding question concerning Iran is: Did Israel launch a deadlier strain of the coronavirus against Iran?

After all, who has wanted to carry out a regime change in Iran for decades now?
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The United States, especially the Trump administration.
The UK under the past several PMs, and particularly the Boris Johnson government.

KEY POINT: Each of these four nations share a well-hidden truth regarding who really controls them—the Khazarian Mafia via the International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate. What’s even less understood is the secret common denominator between Saudi Arabia and Israel. See: The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

So, how can the occurrence of this pandemic across the planet not be seen as suspiciously selective in light of the ongoing and naked bioterrorist operation being conducted against Iran?

In point of fact, the countries that have experienced the largest outbreaks of this plague are those that have major trade deals with China (e.g. Italy and Iran), or those that have expressed a strong intention to join China’s New Silk Road known as the Belt and Road Initiative. What follows is a list of the top 7 nations with the highest number of ‘confirmed’ (Read: reported, and by whom?) coronavirus infections as of March 13, 2020.

The fact of the matter is that the most powerful secret societies on Earth do not want China to move westward with their Belt and Road Initiative. Nor does the Zio-Anglo-American Axis. Ditto that for International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate. What all of these supranational entities do want is war. Which is why they launched such a savage attack against China … and Iran.

Most of those globalist institutions are linked directly to the greatest maritime powers in history—the Republic of Venice and England. (In its glory days, the Port of London was the largest port in the world.) For it was the enormously wealthy Venetian Black Nobility that made the highly calculated business decision to transition to London after “the opening of new trade routes to the Americas and the East Indies via the Atlantic Ocean marked the beginning of Venice’s decline as a powerful maritime republic”.[3]

What’s the vital point here as far as the coronavirus bioweapon is concerned?

Both the Republic of Venetian (sometimes referred to as the Venetian Empire) and its greater maritime successor, the British Empire, were notorious for utilizing extreme brutality in the maintenance of their respective empires. Much of modern history and before is actually nothing but a macabre catalogue of Venetian and British warmongering and terrorism the world over.

KEY POINT: Just as the US Navy ensures the dominance of American Empire around the globe today, previous empires going back to the Roman and Phoenician also relied on their superior navies to effectively dominate global trade and commerce. For history is quite clear: whoever rules the high seas rules the world. STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Just how brutal are these same incorrigible warmongers and perennial terrorists? And, more importantly, what are some of their ruthless tactics and vicious strategies at work today? As follows:

So, the Chinese One Belt, One Road NWO will be replaced with the 2-belt, 2-road diversity of manufacturing and trade under the revived UK maritime initiative, USMCA and Crown-friendly trade agreements. The London banking industry (aka the banksters) has a long history of using brutal tactics to achieve their economic and financial goals.

The deployment of a virus bioweapon can be executed in many ways: miniature drones, high-tech naval weapons, chemtrail aerosol sprays, to name just a few. Infection does not require person-to-person leaps of the virus within six feet as promoted in the media. The hyper-infection in Iran is another example of where China and Iran are being selectively punished for breaking trade sanctions and more.

If the news approximates reality, both Italy and Iran appear to be infected by a more virulent form of the coronavirus deployed by local actors and stealthy methods. In fact, the media has already announced that a new “strain” of the original Covid-19 virus has emerged. See: Coronavirus: Are there two strains and is one more deadly?
(Source: CORONAVIRUS BIOTERRORISM: Economic Sabotage by Zio-Anglo-American Axis Targets China, Iran & Italy)

Each day that this MIC-manufactured plandemic unfolds, the primary elements of the carefully hidden conspiratorial plot become clearer than ever.

Who has not seen the following weighty topics discussed at great length throughout this cynically coordinated coronavirus saga? Each one of the essential elements listed below plays an integral role in this ongoing series of Gladio-style black operations taking place worldwide.
Military Deployment of 5G
Flu Vaccines
Extinction Level Event
Economic Sabotage
Financial Terrorism
Medical Martial Law
End of Free Speech
Internet Censorship
Forced Vaccinations
New World Order
Global Control Matrix
One World Government

The stark reality is that there are so many pieces to this psyop puzzle, it’s extremely difficult to put them all in their proper places.

Moreover, the rapid evolution of this convoluted and premeditated plandemic is such that each day exposes a different part of the sinister plot. Many of the most salient goals and clandestine purposes behind each sub-plot, which demand immediate attention, are delineated in the following analysis.
MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW: Is this how they plan to lock down planet Earth?

More to the point: the real New World Order plot is to designed to lock down the planet via a Global Control Matrix on the way to establishing a One World Government.

The two central pillars of the Global Control Matrix are the military deployment of 5G and the ensuing Internet of Things (IoT). Once the 5G roll-out and IoT build-out are completed in all the major power centers worldwide (London, Milan, NYC, D.C., LA, San Fran, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.) which is still a technical impossibility, a One World Government will be announced, if not before.

Two major tech hubs were identified as pilot cities for this NWO 5G project—Wuhan, China and Milan, Italy. Wuhan was set up in 2019 an official 5G Demonstration Zone that failed miserably, so even the IoT experiment had to be aborted. Milan — the Italian coronavirus epicenter — was likewise turned into an extensive 5G testbed. That 5G roll-out was another woeful failure. Nevertheless, the globalists will never let a disaster go to waste as we have seen with their Plan B—the CORONA PLANDEMIC. ... ted-panic/
US pla pandemi

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