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LEGAL AND UNLEGAL IMMIGRATION TO NORWAY. (ASYLUM) Laber partys (Arbeiderpartiet) blaime..theire policy are mentioned artsless by the citizens of Norway.

Foreigners in Norway !

Legal and Illegal Immigration to Norway (asylum seekers).

In the earlier years (1960's) of the nation, immigration was not at the rate that it is today. It was practical to absorb the incomers into our small country and those who did enter, did so with the intent of becoming Norwegians; to attain the Norwegian viewpoint, and to adopt Norwegian ideas. They adapted themselves to the customs, habits and thinking of the nation.

In recent years, however, things have altered. A large percentage of the immigrants have come with differences which upset the harmony of this, our nation, which is doing its best to help the less fortunate. The record is crowded with instances in which groups of incomers have stoutly resisted becoming Norwegian minded.

At the present time, in certain areas, immigrants constitute a substantial percentage of the population. They stay together in groups, holding themselves apart from the native community. In fact they conduct themselves as foreigners within Norway as though trying to establish a country within a country.

Unfortunately in 1983 our nation forgot the lessons of history and abandoned wisdom and prudence, allowing an influx of newcomers which was beyond the capabilities of our country and society to absorb naturally.

The consequences are with us today and they grow ever more frightening with each passing day.

It is only natural that all humans strive for survival and to improve their situation by taking more control of their own destiny. This is common to all races. But with different groups of people pulling in different directions something has to give eventually. Wouldn't it have been better for the richer countries to have helped the poorer countries, not by taking refugees, but instead by giving aid to them in their own homelands? Introducing different cultures into a stable society can do irrepairable damage. The mass immigration of peoples outwith our cultural experiences can only lead to problems, it is inevitable. One country for each human race is a necessity if the world is to live in harmony. F. Nansen's book, Nansens voice -gives a good understanding of mixing different cultures, you strive to make war if you not listening to major human sence.

To improve things, we must, as a nation, seek a better route for mankind. We first need stricter border controls to stop people entering the country illegally. Illegal entry of people is as bad as the illegal entry of drugs. It must stop.

The experiences of immigration authorities in other countries should have taught us by now, the difference between "the good, the bad and the ugly".

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Fremasons work for the new world order. Therefore our nation is out of control.

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To all concerned

We love our country, Norway. It is only natural that we do. We are Norwegians after all and we choose to live in this our country, because our family, friends and our culture are dear to us. So defending our country is only natural when we find it and all that we believe in, to be under attack.

There is a distinction however, between defending our country and racism. We are not racists, since anyone who upsets the status quo, whether they be black white or blue; be they Chinese, Greek or even Norwegian; be they Christian, Muslim or Buddhist; these are the people who upset our tranquility by failing to alter their thinking to fit in with ours.

We must never forget that we come from a long line, of a strong Nordic warrior race, though we now prefer peace and harmony over the use of weapons. What we have found happening in our country recently, is that incomers have been invited, for humanitarian reasons, to live here, so as to escape the troubles of their own native lands. But this, our native Norway, is nothing like the land which many of them have left behind.

It upsets us deeply that some of these incomers have not realised yet the cultural differences involved. The strong-handed approach used by some other countries is totally out of place here in Norway. If no peaceful solution can be found to melt the cultures together then this nation is destined for trouble.

A peaceful solution is obviously the best for everyone concerned; so let us first try talking like the famous North American Indian Sitting Bull, because if that fails then I fear that we may have to rely on force, as the Pitbull.

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