A Global Process of Liberation From the Kremlin

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Utvid visningen Emne: A Global Process of Liberation From the Kremlin

A Global Process of Liberation From the Kremlin

Innlegg Norulv Øvrebotten » Ons Feb 19, 2020 12:07 pm

Norulv Øvrebotten
15. februar kl. 23:46 ·
A Global Process of Liberation From the Kremlin-controlled Dual States in the World is a Huge Undertaking for American and Western Patriots

Liberating all the states that the Kremlin has doubled and stolen from the people around the world is an operation of enormous scale and the main reason for all delays in locking up the top scoundrels in American politics.

It takes a lot of preparation. In fact, the task is more prominent than faced in WWII.

The consequences of falling dominos in the world are hard to access beforehand.

Like everywhere else in the West under the secret hegemony of the Russians since the 1920s and 1930s, the American people only get puppets of the deep and dual state to choose between in Presidential elections.

The last Presidential election in 2016 was not an exception.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton belong to the same gang and have made careers thanks to the Stalin-imposed US dual state of the 1930s.

This fact has been camouflaged by a rigged and longrunning coup against Donald Trump after he got elected as President in which the indirect effect is that the Kremlin steadily has been enhancing his standing and popularity creatively.

The whole show which you have been witnessing for years is proof of how cemented the Kremlin's grip of real power has become after so many decades of having full control over the nation through a doubled state.

The depth of the federal US dual state stops in Moscow and Beijing. That's deeper than people believe.

The Kremlin and its mafia lawyers in Western capitals are always in a position in which they can pull strings on both sides to fool the people and the world non-stop. By sophisticated Communist games of the negative space.

The most basic edition of the Kremlin's game of the negative space is to illude that you are a friend to mask that you are a deadly enemy, in reality.

The Nazis copied the Soviet Communists.

During the Nazi occupation of Norway, for instance, a lot of Norwegians in the Resistance movements got killed and captured by being lured by other Norwegians working for the German Sicherheitsdienst (SD) that tricked their fellow citizens by infiltrating them and pretending to be great patriotic Norwegians.

Contradictions make illusions, and the real consequences are deceptions and betrayals.

Basically, President Donald Trump's campaign to make America great again is the same old Communist game in the negative space, though in another context and setting.

Everything is false, and only the consequences are real in deception operations of the Kremlin.

As far as I understand, President Donald Trump isn't an obstacle anymore.

He can't stop the train of freedom to begin rolling.

The first great challenge then is to liberate America.

The next step for a new and bold USA is to live up to be a real leader of a free world.

Which so far has been an illusion, but it is about to become a reality with significant ramifications globally.

I'm a part of this historic operation, yes, but such activities are heavily compartmentalized.

Hence, I don't know when the liberation begins on the surface.

I think, however, it's imminent.