The Queen of England, will the monarchy survive?

Utenriksministeren er i statsministerens fravær hans stedsfortreder.

Islamister får midler av Stockholm kommune for å bedrive terrorvirksomhet.
Hvilke skjulte motiver ivaretar denne "posten" man kaller berikelse?

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Her er det utenriks som gjelder.
§ 83. Den som retsstridig søger at bevirke eller at medvirke til, at Norge eller nogen Del af Riget bringes under fremmed Herredømme eller indlemmes i anden Stat, eller at nogen Del af Riget løsrives, straffes med Hefte i mindst 8 Aar eller med Fængsel fra 8 Aar indtil 21 år. UD med Lindstrøm i spissen har bidratt til dette.

The Queen of England, will the monarchy survive?

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Recently, the UK have signed the Lisbon treaty.
UK Parliament - Her Majesty's Government.

UK ratifies the EU Lisbon Treaty
EU flag
The EU treaty must be ratified by each of the 27 member countries

The UK has officially ratified the European Union's Lisbon Treaty.

The documents were deposited with the Italian foreign affairs ministry in Rome on Wednesday.

The move came despite doubts over its future after the "no" vote in the Irish referendum. All EU states must ratify the treaty for it to come into force.

The EU treaty has proved controversial with unsuccessful attempts in Parliament and the courts to force a referendum to be held on it.

Conservative MP Bill Cash sought a judicial review of the ratification process after the rejection from Ireland.

And two High Court judges dismissed a claim by millionaire businessman Stuart Wheeler that there was a "legitimate expectation" of a public vote. ... on/hmg.cfm

So, Her Majesty the Queen, have in fact signed the Lisbon Treaty once for all, the commonwealth? Are they aware the lack of good traditions, this Treaty became?

It is a huge population under Her Majesty The Queen of England, together we speaks of 1/3 of world populations.

Can we think that Her Majesty The Queen of England and the commonwealth, have been set up, by lack of good advisers from The British Government?

And look, who is talking?
"A total breach of trust with the British people"
William Hague
Shadow foreign secretary, shud be read as foreign scarcity, hardly usage.

It really looks very alike this- all over Europe. Its time to freeze this acceleration upon the EU-treaties, this is a tragedy.
British Empire:

Norwegian link to this, the Queen is signing off!

Comments by Author bmonline Red.
Now, we saw T May was hanging on and struggled with Brexit for a long while. And quess what? Is she a real Kgb bell as well? Yess- indeed. Playing around as a wild compas needle.

Now- Boris is on the task- to make Brexit real, hurry on Boris- its time to ring the bell!!
Threw the bottom of kgb laceys out of the inner- outer, lower house and Downing street as well ;)


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