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Barack Obama as President - The Personified Deception

UNREAD_POSTSkrevet: Fre Feb 03, 2017 10:44 am
Norulv Øvrebotten

Barack Obama as President - The Personified Deception

Norwegian and other Western politicians say each and every day that they miss former President Barack Obama, and simultaneously telling that President Donald Trump is the devil in disguise.

After eight years, it's not difficult to unmask Barack Obama as a murderer and as a personified deception while being president.

He killed 19 000 mostly innocent people in Arabic Countries in drone attacks during his years at the White House.

He also killed journalists at home in America.

As late as in 2015, President Barack Obama ordered the killing of me, and it was the Russian secret services which told me so and warned me to watch out and take precautions.

The world of intelligence is a messy place filled with contradictions, and after fighting for decades, the Russian President Vladimir Putin respects me, and he doesn't want me to be killed by one of his Puppets.

Vladimir Putin detests traitors, even those to his benefit.