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"Esse NonVideri" - to Be And Not Seem to Be

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Norulv Øvrebotten

"Esse NonVideri" - to Be And Not Seem to Be

Taking hostages to force one's will on someone else has been a part of the KGB's procedures for generations.

Joseph Stalin took during WWII the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg as a hostage to pressure the Wallenberg family indirectly into his fold, hence making the mightiest family dynasty in Sweden for the Soviet Union and later Russia.

After the success, Joseph Stalin killed in secrecy the hostage, despite telling the family that it would get the missing family member back safe and sound.

False promises to deceive people into traps are an important part of the communist procedures as well.

"Words mean nothing. The only that means anything is action," said Joseph Stalin.

Since the 90's, the KGB has conducted several deception operations in which billions of dollars have been tapped out of the Norwegian Dual State's Treasury building up a Norwegian businessman with a criminal record to control the important oil industry in Norway on the Kremlin's behalf.

In one of these hoaxes, President Vladimir Putin and his secret services, as part of pulling strings, used the Wallenberg family to give more credibility to the deception operation which was conducted employing the deceptive techniques that I identified already in 2002.

The Norwegian Kjell Inge Røkke is today one of the wealthiest persons in Norway, after having stolen most of his money from the Norwegian Treasury in Russian deception operations.

The Wallenberg family motto is "Esse NonVideri."

It means "To be and not seem to be."