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The Kremlin Controls the Largest Fund of the World

UNREAD_POSTSkrevet: Ons Aug 30, 2017 9:58 am
Norulv Øvrebotten
The Kremlin Controls the Largest Fund of the World

Maybe you are about to understand why the Russian-controlled Norwegian Mafia State is so anxious to take me out.

The reasons are many.

I know the Norwegian deep state. I know the country. Know the people.

I have lived both in the North and the South. I have lived both in the East and the West.

My roots are in the Western world.

I believe in Western values and individual freedom. I always have.

We were all born free and independent.

If President Vladimir Putin wanted to kill me, his spooks might have shot me on the street many years ago. The Russians haven't.

Maybe Putin likes me.

He detests National politicians that are traitors. Everywhere.

Besides, Putin has a wonderful sense of humor.

He is, however, more brutal than me. A little bit.

My problem is the Mafia families of Oslo.

They have also given the Kremlin control over the largest fund of the world as well. In exchange for robbing the Norwegian people for some of the money.

The huge fund has become a honeypot for freemasons and other crooks, scamming millions and billions from it all the time.

Everything is Mafia in Norway of today.