The Liberation of Germany – Wir Schaffen Das

Norulv Øvrebotten skriver om den russiske og morderiske fremgansmåten å undergrave et styresett ved bedrag og mord på et hvilket som helst kontinent i verden, som i Norge.

The Liberation of Germany – Wir Schaffen Das

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Norulv Øvrebotten

The Liberation of Germany – Wir Schaffen Das

We can do that, also, liberating Germany and its people living in a Stalin-established dual state longer than any other people in nations with doubled and stolen lands in the world.

By the rest of the world, the German people have been kept down in an eternal state of collective shame and guilt continuously since Adolph Hitler and WWII.

That's the consequence of having a state which the Soviet Russian dictator Joseph Stalin doubled and stole already in the 1920s, and still in 2020, having another edition of a Russian-controlled dual state in the deep to keep the people down and not let them become free. In reality.

As soon as Stalin got control over the German state and made it dual in the days of the Weimar Republic in the 1920s, he and the other Soviet Communists could manipulate the political life in Germany easily. And often brutally.

The Kremlin found the right man in Adolph Hitler and after some clever manipulations, putting him and other extreme and barbaric socialists like themselves in the total power of Germany.

Hence, the Kremlin could from the shadows use the hijacked Germans to commit atrocities on a grand scale by employing the secret deception techniques that we have disclosed. In all matters.

A hallmark of Russian deception is that the Kremlin achieves the goals primarily indirectly.

Identifying the right context is always needed to understand events and actions. That's a must. Whether the issues at hand are in the past or present.

By reading the analysis of mine on this Facebook World Tour, you'll get the right picture of world developments over the last hundred years with a high degree of accuracy.

After breaking the secret Kremlin code of deception, top intelligence analysts within the Western Intelligence Community have been mapping the consequences of the smart Communist deception methods for more than a decade.

We have disclosed how Joseph Stalin organized the rise of the puppet Adolph Hitler, the genocide on the Russian kulaks, the Ukrainian people, and the Jews. And not least, the biggest genocide of them all, besides the sacrifice of and genocide on his own Russian citizens, the longlasting genocide on the Germans themselves.

Which went on in a gruesome way for many years after the formal end of WWII in 1945. Both in the ruins of Germany and in other nations in Central Europe, actually well into the 1950s.

By pulling strings everywhere in the doubled states, the Soviet Russian dictator through 30 years, conducted, directly and indirectly, a series of genocides and organized them as classic Russian dolls, and smartly covered up his heinous and well-orchestrated crimes against humanity.

Joseph Stalin ran WWII from the very start to the bloody end according to his pre-planned script by using the secret Communist deception techniques that we have disclosed. He pulled strings on all sides in his stolen states abroad to flatten and conquer the world for Russia openly and secretly.

The successors of Stalin like Vladimir Putin, have been keeping on doubling states around the globe, and fortifying the increasing number of the binary Mafia states of the Kremlin. Without any interruptions.

None other than the Kremlin wrote Hitler's "Mein Kampf," and none other than the Kremlin wrote, "Dreams From My Father" for Barack Obama. Indirectly done always, as usual.

Despite the substantial period, the story is more or less the same.

In the decades which the Kremlin has been manipulating world developments to a desirable end for imperialist Russia.

In consequence of the revelation of the secret deception techniques of Russia, which have been an enormous success non-stop since the Communist coup d'etat in Russia in 1917, the world history has to be rewritten entirely.

As a rule of thumb, the truth is usually the opposite of what people have been brainwashed into believing.

The continuous use of the Communist game of the negative space that turns everything on its head, is conning people to act on the false grounds all the time.

Everything becomes false, and only the consequences are real in this diabolic totalitarian game of the Kremlin that is still going on forcefully day after day all over the world.

In different fashions. At all levels. From micro to macro.

A sad phenomenon in Western countries of today is that men have lost their masculinity because of Communist subversion over many generations, and accordingly, not even being able to protect their women from being raped by Muslim gangs from the Middle East and Africa.

That's the situation in Germany as well. All security is gone.

The German women, however, are still strong and can do it all.

With a little help from their male and female friends in US uniforms.

The liberation of Germany is right around the corner in 2020.
Norulv Øvrebotten

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