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Deadliest aviation accidents involving a sole survivor

UNREAD_POSTSkrevet: Man Feb 03, 2020 11:16 am
Deadliest aviation accidents involving a sole survivor

How many of them are actually pilot error??

What happens if you spoil water onto the attack sencor?

The crash resulting from a stall that was caused by frozen angle of attack sensors.

So why havent the newest aircraft installed a heater here too, as a common trouble also known to the pitot, speed sencor?

So why are they so crazy to overprove the cockpit crew- by making the plane to take control- widthout capt knowlege on reasently accidents- at "Max FLAX" planes?? We do not need to name the brand..

How can we trust the developer?

The nice brand new trippel 7 ... g-Wingtip/

Re: Civlilian Airliners Attacked by the deep state

UNREAD_POSTSkrevet: Man Feb 10, 2020 11:00 am
Civilian airliners attacked by the Deep State:


20. apr. 2018
Roy Potterqa showed me his Video, and quess what, will @POTUS
go back in TPP??
I am very concerned to all the americans who are stressed up by the violence on civlian aircrafts from the deep state.