Flykrasj 6 min etter take off Adis Abeba

Jeg arbeidet innen samferdsel, 30 år i Luftfartsverket.

I dag kalles det Avinor.

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Både statens Vegvesen og Luftfartsverket ble rasert av Globalistene.

Flykrasj 6 min etter take off Adis Abeba

UNREAD_POST BmOnline » Søn Mar 10, 2019 8:01 pm

Alle omkom, helt spille nytt fly.

Tragedy: Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Nairobi, Kenya, crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday morning.
Death toll: All 157 people on board the flight have died, the airline says.
Victims: The dead were of 32 different nationalities, including eight Americans.
Staff from UN was on board. ... ws-videos/

This is the second type of 737 max that crashed just after takeoff. Only 6 months ago the first accident happend last year.

In addition, staff members from the World Food Programme were on board the flight, WFP Executive Director David Beasley said.

“The WFP family mourns today…WFP staff were among those aboard the Ethiopian Airlines flight,” Beasley tweeted, adding the organization “will do all that is humanly possible to help the families at this painful time.”

“Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers,” he added.
1 hr 41 min ago
Wife and children of Slovakian lawmaker among victims of Ethiopian Airlines crash

From Carma Hassan and Nada Bashir

Slovakian lawmaker Anton Hrnko announced Sunday on Facebook that his wife and two children were among the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

“With huge sadness I’m announcing that my beloved wife Blanka, son Martin and daughter Michala died earlier today when the plane crashed…if you had known them, please think of them in a quiet memory,” the Slovak National Council member posted.

The validity of this post was confirmed to CNN by a spokesman for the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Ethiopian Airlines said four of the 157 victims aboard the flight had Slovakian nationality.
1 hr 33 min ago
Tamarind Group's CEO was aboard fatal flight

By Stephanie Busari

The Tamarind Group, which says on its website that it owns and operates several restaurants and leisure operations in Africa, announced on Facebook that CEO Jonathan Seex was aboard the flight that crashed on Sunday.

“It is with immense shock and grief to inform you of the tragic news that Tamarind CEO, Jonathan Seex, was on the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight," the post read. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, the Tamarind community and all the others who have suffered unfathomable losses."

2 hr 48 min ago
Boeing team to visit crash site in Ethiopia

By Max Ramsay

Boeing said it will travel to the site where its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashed in Ethiopia.
"Boeing technical team will be traveling to the crash site to provide technical assistance under the direction of the Ethiopian Accident Investigations Bureau and the US National Transport Safety Board," the company said.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is the same type of plane as the Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed last October. There is no suggestion yet as to what caused the latest disaster, and no evidence that the two incidents are linked.

BmOnline remark:

Its very strange that two new planes of the same type just falling down from the sky.
Who have been making, doing "woodoo" to the planes?

Any second thaugts? My guess, do not let any-one person have access to any planes alone in the future, espesially those who have all certifications and high level security to do it, have at least two pitpull behind, just in case. Because thats a big problem today.
You must always have neutral experts behind with Live cameras to remote all doings on board. Its a must!!
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Re: Flykrasj 6 min etter take off Adis Abeba

UNREAD_POST Kremline news » Tir Mar 12, 2019 7:10 pm

Nå har Kremlin Luftfartstilsynet stengt luftrommet i Norge for 737 max 8 som planlagt.

Norwegian- sjef Kjos skjønner at KGBs planer om å "ødelegge" flysikkerheten ved "sosiale bomber" er mye værre enn sosial dumping. ... 1.14469730

TwinTowers 911- var det muslimene som fikk skylda for, men det var Kremline Tyggis. The same story.
Kremline news

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