Freedom and Liberty is About to Come to the West

Our politicians try to claim they own will, they do not respect the will of the people who elected them. In such a way they- dig their own grave.
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Freedom and Liberty is About to Come to the West

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Norulv Øvrebotten
Freedom and Liberty is About to Come to the West – Look to Norway

As of today, Norwegian top politicians and officials should start setting up their last will because they have no chance to avoid capital punishment or lifelong sentences in prison after their betrayal of both the Norwegians and the Americans for generations.

As long as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in charge in the US and busy being complicit in terror of the Norwegian state against the people of Norway, the ruling class in Oslo was sure to get away with the large criminal enterprise.

The Norwegian state's brutal terror attack on its people in the Stalin way on July 22, 2011, and all the subsequent and continuous deceptions have had the indirect aim to enhance smartly a masked Russian hegemony and a secret Stalin-made dual state that has been in charge of Norway since a Soviet Russian and Communist coup d'etat on January 10, 1940.

A patriotic US president like Donald Trump can't allow a Kremlin puppet regime to stay in power in Oslo. That would be a dereliction of duty.

The reason is crystal clear.

As has been the case since nuclear weapons revolutionized all strategy in the 1940s, Norway poses a deadly threat to US national security because of the state's role as a counterintelligence vehicle of Russia for generations at the highest level.

The most significant part of the Russian nuclear arsenal aimed at the heart of the American homeland is to be found at the Kola peninsula right across the border in the High North.

The Russians have since the 1940s, and 1950s deceived the US to establish and finance strong intelligence capabilities in Norway for many billions of dollars to surveil the nuclear weapons and all military activities at the Russian bases on Kola.

Most of the strategic Russian nuclear missiles and rockets are in submarines that reach the Atlantic and the American coasts by passing Norwegian detection lines and constant surveillance.

As a dual state, however, in which the Russians control all the secret services from the deep through the ultra-secret Stay Behind network (Gladio), as the years and decades passed, the Kremlin was able to fool the US into financing and building a bigger and bigger counterintelligence operation against itself in Norway.

In this game, those who control counterintelligence are controlling intelligence. And nothing has changed in Norway in this sensitive matter since the 1940s.

On the contrary, the Kremlin-controlled Stay Behind network has since the 1990s expanded into all areas of society and turned Norway into a Russian mafia state which has been running increasingly more deadly terror attacks, silent assassinations, and deception operations by techniques of killing and deceptions that I was able to identify for the first time in 2002 and 2003.

I had been working for many years on the nuclear strategy of superpowers both as a news reporter at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and later as the closest adviser to the Secretary of Defense, Johan Jørgen Holst, who was a highly respected expert internationally on issues of arms control and atomic strategy.

In 2002, after the discovery of the real role of Norway in this most magnificent and most dangerous game on earth, I understood that my life was in more jeopardy than ever before.

And death was close. I was in bed with the enemy, and it's still a mystery how I survived a series of assassination attempts in 2003 and the following years.

Life had become an increasingly frightening horror story.

An existential fact which I didn't understand for long, was that the federal state of the USA was dual and structured in the same Stalinist way as the state of Norway.

I had to deal with contradictions and absurdities at all levels.

The eight years of the Barack Obama's Presidency was pure hell.

After taking office, President Donald Trump discovered that to make America great again; he had to get rid of the deep dual state of the Kremlin and the same masked Russian hegemony that was a reality in all the Western countries, the US included.

The power base of President Vladimir Putin in the West allowed him to pull strings everywhere.

Likely, President Donald Trump had to go through the same process of mental shocks that I had done during the investigations of the Russian affairs of world politics.

Because of the ultimate and deadly danger that the significant Russian nuclear arsenal close to the Norwegian border is posing to all Americans, the Donald Trump administration has to get control over Norway generally and the traitorous Norwegian dual state and its Kremlin puppets specifically before liberating the people of the USA.

That's a logic series of events.

That's why the US and other Western troops are pouring into Norway for the time being in an exercise in the name of the NATO, and aircraft carrier groups and other naval vessels and aircraft of all sorts are arriving Norwegian soil and waters.

An indirect consequence of stopping the Kremlin's use of Norway as a vital counterintelligence platform and vehicle at the highest level of power is that the more and more terrorized Norwegians will get back their freedom and liberty.

For the first time since the 1930s.

Hence, all the notorious Norwegian traitors and Kremlin puppets might begin writing their will as soon as possible.

And so can Russian puppets elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the West do as well.

Freedom is about to come.

Look to Norway.
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The STORM is Coming!

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Now the storm is coming upon the globalist murders: Jail, jail jail!!
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