Folks Action Against European-union.

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De har forbrutt seg mot statens selvstendighet, §1 i Norges Grunnlov

Folks Action Against European-union.

UNREAD_POST BmOnline » Søn Sep 15, 2019 7:45 am

Folks Action Against European-union.
Against global union, the hell and UN.

Many people use statistics in the same manner in which a drunk uses a lamp post; for support, rather than for illumination.

Corrupted politicians claims Norway is a member of UN, but it's not true. This did happend in the year 1945 when Norway was occupied by foreign forces, who did this to our country, behind our back and the constitution. Because of this, norwegians never had human rights as other countries in the world to compare with- in this issue. In lack of justis, we are years behind other nations at this matter. And why do FN claim Norway to be the best country to live in? Oh yeah, just because we are the "best in class"
to pay this blood money to UN. So forget peace and love. We do not live among friends, but corrupted people, who do not care for the nation of Norway, but the Global issue, the devels tools. Today, foreginminister J G Støre is playing this rool, getting Norway into EU without peoples will.

Betrayers at Norwegian parliament and government.



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