Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before

Hvorfor er det bare i utlandet at griske politikere steines og kjeppjages?
Har dere lagt merke til at NRK stadig peker på sex overgrep og pedofili i utlandet? Mens de ALDRI har nevnt med et ord at det er DOBBELT så galt i Norge.

Trodde dere at Ari Behn skjøt seg selv? Å laaangt ifra. Han ble skutt. På samme vis som General C G Fleischer.
Har våre politikere noe å frykte for sitt svik mot folket?

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Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before

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Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before Resigning

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We knew something had to be up with the resignation of Pope Benedict. After all, Popes don’t just resign; in fact, this is the first time a Pope has resigned in 600 years. Therefore, the hoopla surrounding this is more than understandable. However, as per usual with the Catholic Church, there seems to be a catch, and, lo and behold, it likely surrounds the infamous abuse scandals that have plagued the church’s image for so long.

It seems that with his resignation announced, the Pope, whose given name is Joseph Ratzinger, has a meeting with the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 to beg for immunity against prosecution for allegations of child sex crimes. Apparently, this hastily arranged meeting, and likely the resignation as well, are the result of a supposed note received by the Vatican from an undisclosed European government that stated that there are plans to issue a warrant for the Pope’s arrest. This letter was allegedly received on February 4, and Ratzinger resigned a week later. Now, there’s no way people can ignore how fishy this is. The first Pope to resign in 600 years does so after panicking about an impending arrest and in the midst of a hastily arranged meeting begging for protection from the Italian government? How they will keep people from connecting the two is beyond me. Chances are, the world will be popping popcorn and steadily watching.

Well, for once, the guy might not get off easy. The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state calls upon the Italian President to deny help to Ratzinger, and to “not collude in criminality. Let’s just hope that Napolitano does not cave. However, there may be another avenue to make sure the Pope is brought to justice if the Italian President does cave.

Just As We Suspected: Benedict Stays In Vatican, Retains Immunity

Ahhh, nothing like being right. Just as I recently reported, Pope Benedict is concerned about retaining immunity from legal prosecution regarding the Church’s child sex abuse scandals. He will remain in Vatican City, which is, of course, a sovereign state, for the remainder of his years, after his resignation on February 28, Reuters reports. But, of course, Vatican officials assert other reasons for the Pope’s continued residency in Vatican City, though they also mention the inevitable fact that if he were to live elsewhere, there is the very real possibility he could be prosecuted for his role in the sex abuse scandals that have plagued his papacy and the Catholic Church. One Vatican official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says:

“His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn’t have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else.”

The official added that the Pope should have a “dignified existence” for his remaining time on this earth, and that “it is absolutely necessary” that he remain at the Vatican.

What about the dignity of all of those who suffered abuse, possibly at his hands, and definitely at the hands of his priests for all of those years? Why should he be entitled to a dignified existence while those people get no justice for their suffering?

Can you believe it? Surprise, surprise.
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