Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

Politikerne er med i hemmelige losjer og gir blaffen i hva det er folket vil, må fjernes. Stem derfor klokt på Norgespartiet, som har definert seg utenfor v-h aksen på det kuppede stortinget.

Nå kommer avsløringene på løpende bånd. Det er ingen vits i å stemme på de som er på dagens storting, pga kuppet i 1940.
Rikspolitikerne bedriver et skittent spill bak ryggen på det norske folk. http://bmonline.no/html/eu_69.html

Les om det ulovlige kartellet her: http//bmonline.no/html/kartellet.html

Re: Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

UNREAD_POST BmOnline » Fre Mai 22, 2020 5:43 pm

Robert Dave Myrland


That at this time they do not approach hospitals, or external doctors, except for life and death situations. Whether or not they believe there is a virus, this should be communicated to all their relatives and made viral. Much is already known and is coming to light but it is not enough.
Due to the virus situation, they are giving them a lot of money for each CV case they detect, $ 13,000, if the person requires a 40,000 respirator. If the person dies up to 4 times more. People do not believe this because of the extremely large sums of money.
They believe that it is not possible because it is not profitable. But those who are paying that are the Negative Cabal and do not work with money. Rather, they only give large transfers to hospitals and doctors, digital money without real backup. They are just numbers to them.
Besides, it does not matter, whether or not they give away numbers in bank accounts that they themselves will collapse in weeks anyway. It is just another method of control and manipulation.
So anyone not only with respiratory problems but anything that comes not only to hospitals but to doctors is exposed to being arbitrarily put as positive CVs, as is already happening en masse all over the world.
They will be hospitalized for money and they will even prescribe respirators to get even more money even if that person has been admitted to the hospital for a case of appendicitis.
Respirators are now known to do or cause lung damage from trauma, and should only be used at minimal power and as a last resort when the patient can no longer breathe on their own and never before. I have information indicating that they are modifying respirators in hospitals to make them even more harmful, to make people even sicker.
This brings me to the next part. This means that they are murdering people in hospitals to give them large sums of money. This occurs criminally, both intentionally and for medical malpractice out of fear on the part of hospital staff.
There are countless testimonies from people who have faced this situation.
That a healthy boy enters the hospital for a cold. And the next thing their relatives find out waiting in the hospital room is that a nurse gives them a jar with their ashes.
Or babies who die of other things and offer money to their relatives so that in the death certificate it appears as if it was for covid-19. And in the case that was given to me, they accepted that money as being low-income people. To later report this.
These are just two examples of countless that can be seen on the networks. Also nurses coming out to say that if they are seeing that they kill the sick in hospitals for negligence. They don't treat them when they are sick to see if they die. So for them it is not murder, but they simply omit the necessary treatment to give them a chance.
The point is that they are being given very large sums of money for each case, each complicated case and even more for each CV death, with all the implications and abuses that can be imagined as a consequence of that and the greed of medical institutions. and medical personnel as well.
But the problem does not end there. Even in hospitals where that does not happen, medical personnel are so scared by the CV that they refuse to pass on relatives to see their sick relatives, denying the family control over what they do with their patient. So that allows them free passage to whatever they do to the boarding school.
And in many cases, they do not do autopsies, much less do they let relatives go to see and say goodbye to their deceased relatives, because for fear of CV. They are cremated without any consideration for the family.
Every person who enters a hospital has almost 100% certainty that they will somehow implicate him in CV, especially if the real problem they have resembles CV symptoms in any way: high (or low) blood pressure, nasal mucosa, cough, dizziness, any symptoms they have will be classified as CV because there are even directives that they omit the tests and assume that it is CV.
Robert: And that is being done all over the planet or in only some countries?
Anéeka: Generally across the planet. Sure it varies from hospital to hospital but I have reports of the same thing all over the planet. This not to mention that people are not approaching hospitals for fear of CV and therefore they are not taking care of their real problems.
Robert: And many die in their homes.
Anéeka: Yes, but not because of the CV directly, but because of lack of medical attention. So it is. They must understand that if they do not unite they will become extinct.
Note. The UN no longer uses the term Agenda-21. It was replaced by Agenda-30. Technically speaking it is not correct to say Agenda 21 already.
They must unite now, wake up their sleeping-matrix relatives NOW or they will become extinct. They no longer have time to be nice. I only see mass civil disobedience as the only way to fight this. And stop the nonsense that Daddy Trump will come to save them, because that is controlled dissent.
And it is not unfounded. Nor do I make it up. But the information and the complaints are there and what I am telling you is not just from watching videos on the networks, that only corroborates my information. I have shared that above and more details but they are already useless, such as resignations of medical personnel, doctors and nurses, because their working conditions are not adequate for their protection, leaving important hospitals without staff. This mainly in the third world.
That is important. Because in hospitals, you can no longer know who is inside and if they even have medical personnel available. Or real medical personnel and there are only paid people there.
The information I gave you today is life or death for many people who could go to hospitals in the next few days. <<<< It really is terrible, and most people should understand this. And make them viral. Not only you.
They must get to work, not get with that mentality that I see everywhere: It is what I can do if I am nobody. It is up to them to continue, it is up to them whether others live or die. I am no longer interested if they see me as alarmist, this is alarm. Do something.
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Re: Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

UNREAD_POST Tanzania » Søn Mai 24, 2020 3:58 pm

Predidenten i Tanzania sendte inn forskjellige blodprøver, bl.a fra ei gjeit- tro det eller ei- geita testa positivt på Corona.

He he- Presidenten sier det er løgn og bedrag hele Corona djevelskapen- og han Tror på Herren Jesus Kristus!


Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

UNREAD_POST BmOnline » Tor Jun 18, 2020 8:42 am

Presidenten i Tanzania sendte inn forskjellige blodprøver, bl.a fra ei gjeit- tro det eller ei- geita testa positivt på Corona.

He he- Presidenten sier det er løgn og bedrag hele Corona djevelskapen- og han Tror på Herren Jesus Kristus!

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Re: Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

UNREAD_POST Globalistenes Corona » Ons Jul 08, 2020 8:55 pm

KOPIERT: Dette bør alle høre.
Rockefeller planen er slik:

1. Starte med et relativt ufarlig smitte, hype opp dødstallen, overse alle medisinske kurer og registrere alt som ligner corona symtomer som corona.

2. Hale ut lockdown så lenge som mulig, helst fram til juni 2020 slik at immunforsvaret til flest mulig mennesker blir dårligst mulig.

3. Når folk begynner å protestere og demonstrere, la dem gjøre dette.

4. Starte "bølge 2" med ny lockdown i oktober-november og hype dødstallen. Mange flere vil nå bli syke pga nedsatt immunforsvar pga forrige lockdown.

5. Ødelegge supply chain for all matproduksjon slik at det blir matmangel.

6. Bruke matmangelen som pressmiddel for befolkningskontroll.

7. Stoppe alle ikke essensielle flyreiser (ferieturer), spesielt internasjonalt.

8. Spre ny smitte med høyere dødsrate (30%) i "bølge 3" om nødvendig. Skylde på at lockdown "ble avsluttet for tidlig" og også skylde på "demonstrasjonene" slik at folk skal bli skremt for å samle seg igjen.

9. Innføre obligatoriske vaksiner og gjøre de som nekter til fiender av landet. La befolkningen håndtere de livsfarlige "nekterne" ved å gjøre dem til fienden.

10. Innføre covid pass for dem som har fulgt reglene ved å gi dem tilgang til mat og andre essensielle goder. Også innføre et poeng system som gir tilbake rettigheter og goder (samme som Kina).

11. Verden er kuet og befolkningen i alle land er lydige.......... NWO kan begynne.

Siden Youtube fjernet videoen har jeg linket ny fra Bitchute.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/AgkwnBlU ... oR44jtpJ2M
Globalistenes Corona

Re: Korona virus- TULL OG TØYS!!

UNREAD_POST BmOnline » Fre Jul 24, 2020 10:43 am

Kopiert fra FB:

Lytt til hva en kompis av meg sier på denne videoen:

Han er ikke redd for å ytre seg om galskapen rundt "corona og gomorra". Det finnes kun inne i hodene på globalistene. Mens 5 G er annerledes. De som godtar å ta imot vaksiner, får samtidig med dette masse tilsatte fremmedlegmer i sitt blod. Det kalles fint for alu forbindelser. Disse reagerer mot den nøye planlagte 5 G nettverket som nå er på "trappene".
Når 5 G blir slått på i milltærmodus- så er det plutselig et våpen, som bidrar til at de som har tatt vaksinen får problemer.

5 G i kombinasjon med disse aluforbindelsene fremskynder galloperende kreft. Det er også nevnt at blod-celleveggene i kroppen vår blir ødelagt, slik at vi begynner å blø innvendig. Så koagulerer blodet - og man kveles langsomt.

https://www.facebook.com/Bmonlines/vide ... 264655384/


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Doctor from Houston Texas about Covid 19

UNREAD_POST Kenny Yai » Søn Aug 02, 2020 10:11 am

Heres a video about a feemale doctor from Houston, who have saved over 350 people from Covid 19. She is realy helping people, oppositt to the global cabal troika.

Kenny Yai


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